Want to hold a FHIR Saber in Amsterdam?

By Rene Spronk – The FHIR Hackathon in Atlanta had 102 attendees. An excellent opportunity to shoot some pictures of the various FHIR implementers, and create the “2016 FHIR Calendar”. The idea of creating a calendar started last year, in order to show (and strengthen) the sense of community. Of the 102 attendees in Atlanta, we managed to take photos of about 60 attendees – limited only by having hired a professional photographer for 2 hours, and not by any unwillingness of the attendees to be photographed. Some have their picture taken with some trepidation, knowing that any post processing (photoshop et.al.) could potentially result in strange images . The one posted in this blog is one of them.

The Calendar will be available from the January 2016 WGM onwards. The initial set of photos was taken during the FHIR Connectathon in Atlanta last Saturday. Should you wish to have your picture taken as well, then please join us at the FHIR Developer Days in Amsterdam (Nov 18-20, https://www.fhirdevdays.com/). Next to the photo shoot we also happen to have a 3-day hackathon and educational/community/student tracks, but who cares about that if you can have your picture taken with a FHIR Saber.

FHIR Calendar 2016
FHIR Calendar 2016

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