John Halamka explaining new US interoperability regulation and the role of #FHIR

By Rien Wertheim – In my third interview with Dr. John Halamka I asked him about the new regulation on interoperability by the US government, released on October 6th ( He explains how this regulation will affect interoperability and FHIR.

The US government has spent vast amounts of money in health IT through their Meaningful Use program, which led to a catch-up in EHR adoption in US hospitals. However, there has been an increasing frustration about the lack of interoperability and availability of health data. That is the ‘pain’ this new regulation tries to address.

The law imposes the use of API’s in EHR’s. It does not explicitly mention FHIR, but is there an alternative? At the FHIR connectathons run by HL7 all the major EHR vendors, having foreseen this regulation, show up and actively participate in the FHIR standard development.

Listen to Dr. John Halamka and learn about the difference between law and guidance and about this regulation being a huge opportunity for FHIR:

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