Is FHIR even a standard? Final #FHIR interview with John Halamka.

By Rien Wertheim – In my fourth and final interview with John Halamka, the CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and initiator of the Argonaut Project, I asked him about FHIR as a standard. FHIR is popular among developers, but less so among some of the people from the standards community. Halamka explains how these two worlds will eventually merge.

I also asked John Halamka about what is happening in Silicon Valley. Companies like Google, Apple and SalesForce take a huge interest in healthcare. What is their attitude towards standards, specifically towards FHIR? Google’s product manager Cloud Healthcare Joe Corkery did a key note at the latest HL7 Working Group Meeting in Atlanta. Is FHIR getting that big?

Listen to John Halamka in a new episode of The FHIR Interviews:

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