Connectathon Tracks for the #FHIR Developer Days 2015

From 18 until 20 November 2015 Amsterdam will be the world capital of interoperability, when the sendond edition of the international FHIR Developer Days are held at the offices of Firely.

This week the project team has defined the tracks for the connectathons:

  • Patient Track: Create, update and search patients with FHIR.
  • Terminology Services Track: See if you can work with FHIR’s terminology operations: expand valuesets, validate your codes and get human readable labels for your codes.
  • Profile & Validation Track: Create a profile and an instance, and ask a server to validate the instance according to your profile.
  • SMART on FHIR track: Extend your server or build a client to add OAuth2 to the FHIR REST interface, and see whether they can authenticate and talk.
  • Imaging Track: Imaging, DICOM and FHIR.
  • API Beginners Track: Get your very first FHIR client application up and running.
  • Community Track: Presentations of real life experiences with FHIR. The schedule is here:

Register at, where you will also find the full schedule. Be quick to register: the FHIR Developer Days are less than a month from now.

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