New release Forge (#FHIR Profiling)

A new release of Forge (v0.9.3.3 – November 2015) is now available.

New features in this release:

  • Click on validation message now selects the associated resource and control.
  • Automatically select resource after load / create.
  • Changed the order of resource and element properties. The display order used to reflect the order defined by the FHIR specification. Popular common fields are now displayed first.
  • By default, collapse the following collection elements:
    • Resource: Mappings, Meta
    • Element: Alias, Mappings, Conditions, Constraints
  • ImplementationGuide packages now support package entries by ResourceReference or by Uri. By default, Forge creates ResourceReference entries, based on the canonical Url of the target resource. ResourceReference-based package entries are resolved by scanning the local folder containing the ImplementationGuide resource (and subfolders) for a conformance resource with a matching canonical Url. You can also manually edit package entries and switch the entry type to Uri (disable Resource Reference checkbox). Uri-based package entries are interpreted and resolved as local file paths, relative to the location of the ImplementationGuide resource. Do not inherit Name, Publisher, Copyright & Contact information from the base resource. These properties are now cleared by default.
  • This release also fixes a number of issues that were reported during the DevDays.

You can download the application from our website.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

Happy profiling!

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