The #FHIR interviews: Grahame Grieve himself

By Rien Wertheim – During the FHIR Developer Days 2015 I had the privilege of interviewing Grahame Grieve, inventor of the FHIR standard. We cut the interview into 4 parts, the first of which concerning Grahame’s personal motivation for doing the around-the-clock job of running the FHIR project.

One of the amazing things about FHIR is the team Grahame managed to gather around the technology. Where does he find these extraordinary people? And how does he manage to keep them in the project? They’re not in it for the money, that’s for sure…

For us at Firely it is the excitement of contributing to a breaking technology, a technology that just might have a lasting meaning to healthcare. This is what keeps us going and I bet this is what drives the others as well, Grahame in Austrialia, Lloyd and James in Canada, Josh in the US, David in New Zealand, Brian in Australia, Simone in Germany, Nicolai in Russia, us here in the tiny Netherlands and all the others scattered around the world.

There is a risk here as well: FHIR depends on volunteers. Anyone working with volunteers knows this: you get plenty of zeal, but continuity is a challenge. What if something happened to Grahame? Would that be the end of FHIR? I know some people who are worried about this… Listen to what Grahame has to say when asked. Part 1 of the FHIR Interviews with Grahame Grieve:

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