FHIR.org – The Implementers Home for the #FHIR Community

In the final chapter of the FHIR interview with Grahame Grieve he talks about FHIR.org. FHIR.org will not only be a website, as the name suggests, but also and foremost an organization, alongside HL7. HL7 is the home for the FHIR standard itself. This is where the standard is built and maintained. FHIR.org will be the representing body for the implementers community. Implementers have a different focus: they are not interested in the standardization process itself, but far more in using the standard for their specific use-case. At FHIR.org they will find examples, events, tools, documentation, fora, as well as the official FHIR Registry. More updates on FHIR.org are expected to follow soon. Watch Grahame on FHIR.org:

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