The #FHIR Interviews – With Micky Tripathi (Argonaut)

The Argonaut Project, an industry initiative aimed at accelerating interoperability using FHIR, has brought together the usual players of government, hospitals and vendors. But, as Micky Tripathi, project lead of Argonaut, points out in an edition of the FHIR Interviews: there are also a large number of new participants, the app developers. These are the new kids on the block in healthcare. They build consumer oriented apps for certain deseases and they wouldn’t have done that if it weren’t for FHIR. This proves that FHIR is apparently being used for what it was invented for: the Internet era. You can’t build apps for certain very specific use-cases and expect these apps to exchange huge ccda’s with the EHR.

I hope Argonaut will keep on bringing in more app developers. They are the proof of the pudding for FHIR. Watch Micky Tripathi in The FHIR Interviews:

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