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Last week we visited the ONC in Washington DC. One topic that came up during one of the meetings was the FHIR registry: a website where you find and share FHIR profiles. It is an old wish to have such a facility. The demand is getting stronger now that more and more people are implementing FHIR and are actually “profiling” their use-case (see this previous blog about profiling).

Recently we have launched the FHIR registry and branded it is there to help catalyze the flexibility that is in the design of FHIR, where you use extensions and profiles to adapt FHIR to a specific use-case.

A few examples of what we have in mind: say you derived a Dutch patient profile from the core patient resource. This profile is published on Any group of providers in The Netherlands could now use this Dutch patient profile and further restrict or expand their variant of the patient profile, and still be compatible with the overall patient profile. You could also imagine working on a profile and do a profile comparison with other profiles on “The profile you’re working on looks a lot like …”. That sort of thing.

But there is more. is a registry but we like to call it a smart registry. We added functionality to the platform and will continue to add functionality from our customers input. Think of collaboration and version management, validation of instances, examples, favorites and follow options, Implementation Guide rendering and publication, private projects etc. A lot of these features are and will be free, some will be in paid plans for teams, enterprises and national entities. has a UI (the website), and of course a FHIR REST API. is an integration platform as well. We allow for add-ons to connect to third parties, offering developers to add their own functionalities to the platform. More about this in an upcoming blog by Martijn Harthoorn.

So, try and let us know what you think!

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