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In our previous blog post, Rien talked about our FHIR registry Today I am going to tell you more about our efforts connecting Simplifier to the REST of the FHIR Community.

When you start with FHIR as a developer, you usually start writing your own FHIR client and connect to a FHIR server. But we believe with FHIR you should be able to do much more. Even if you are not a programmer.

Our thought process started here: we now have a lot of resources from a lot of different projects and teams on, and we have been working hard to give you insight into them. But we don’t want you to just look at these resources. We want you to be able to do more with them. There are a lot of great FHIR tools to be found online where you can do cool stuff, and all these tools need is some FHIR resources.

To work with most FHIR tools, you must provide a resource first. Wouldn’t it be great if you there is a place, where you can store your resource, and you can send your resources to all these awesome tool out there? We hope to provide you with that place.

But what we didn’t want is having to write a new piece of server infrastructure each time that we discovered a new FHIR tool on the internet. So what we did is create the beginning of an ecosystem of what we call Connectors. Connectors are little scripts that connect to another FHIR website. They can be written by anyone. And they can be used by anyone.


I’ll give you a concrete example: David Hay has build Clinfhir is used for the Clinical Connectathons, where  people with a clinical background and no programming experience have the ability to work and experiment with FHIR. In Clinfhir you can create a Patient resource based on a profile.

Here is how you can try out the Clinfhir connector on Simplifier:

  1. Go to the page with a Patient Profile. For example Core Patient:
  2. Click on the “Connect” menu, and then choose “Build resource in Clinfhir”. (you have to be logged in to use connectors).
  3. You will be directly brought to Davids resource builder page, and Clinfhir will fetch the base Patient resource from Simplifier. You can now create a Patient resource instance based on the Patient Profile you chose.

That’s all.

Later this week I will introduce you to more connectors and we’ll explore how you can start writing your own.


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