Official position of the US Government: #FHIR is fun

Last week at the ONC I had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Posnack, director of standards at the ONC. Why FHIR, I asked him. Because it’s fun, his first reaction was. Well, that is a true thing. When asked about the why of FHIR we tend to reply politically correct, that it will improve healthcare, that it is implementer focussed, that it’s the right ‘tool’ at the right moment etc. etc. All true, and expressed by Steve as the rational drivers for going forward with FHIR. But don’t forget the excitement. FHIR has that startup aura, that makes you want to be part of it.There was another thing Steve mentioned about FHIR and the reason the US Government has chosen to back it. FHIR provides international business opportunities for US companies, like the EHR companies. Steve believes that for US vendors to be competitive abroad, they better apply promising new technologies. That is an argument I hadn’t heard yet, especially not from one the European governments. It must be the American approach, which I am sometimes jealous of. Watch Steve in the FHIR Interview at the ONC:

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