From New Zealand to Argentina to Germany: #FHIR around the globe

After interviewing David Hay about FHIR in New Zealand and Diego Kaminker about FHIR in Latin America, I asked Simone Heckmann, CEO of Health-comm and board member of HL7 Germany, about FHIR in Germany. Simone’s first word when answering this question: “Unfortunately”… Unfortunately Germany has not been among the first countries to jump on board with FHIR, she means. It’s not her fault, that’s for sure (if there is a fault at all). Simone is a FHIR ambassador from day one. As the CEO of Health-comm, the reseller of Infor’s Cloverleaf in Germany, she is an expert in HL7v2. But she is young, energetic, technology minded. FHIR is an appealing alternative in the age of apps and APIs. You cannot expect people like Simone to do v2 until her retirement. FHIR will keep her in business for a few more years. Together with HL7 Germany’s CEO Kai Heitmann and a few enthusiasts she founded a new company, Gefyra (‘bridge’ in Greek), whose core business will be FHIR in the D-A-CH countries (Deutschland, Austria, Schweiz). We (Firely) are very excited partnering with Simone and Kai to accelerate FHIR in the DACHs.

Watch the FHIR inteview with Simone Heckmann, CTO of the new Gefyra:


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