Apple ResearchKit, Android ResearchStack and #FHIR

One the exciting topics at FHIR DevDays 2016 is the use of FHIR in medical research. Expert in this field is Pascal Pfiffner (bio), who will talk, among other things, about ResearchKit and ResearchStack. ResearchKit (Apple) and ResearchStack (Android) are open source frameworks for researchers to inform and consent patients, and to collect personal health data from participants in trials. ResearchKit/ResearchStack have out-of-the box functionality for patient consent, surveys for Patient Reported Outcomes and collecting health data from sensors in the phone or devices connected to the phone.

However, ResearchKit/ResearchStack have no facilities to integrate this data further upstream, e.g. to the EHR of the doctor or the system of the researcher. This is where FHIR comes into play. Pascal Pfiffner’s research in this realm has been focused on a standardized way of integrating ResearchKit/ResearchStack data with back-end systems, using FHIR. He calls this C3-PRO: the Consent, Contact, and Community framework for Patient Reported Outcomes (

During FHIR Developer Days Pascal will elaborate on the progress of his team in this field and facilitate developers during a hackathon session focused on medical research.


The architecture of C3-PRO

For more information, here is the link to the track.

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