FHIR Implementation Guides in Simplifier.net

Earlier today we released version 13.5 of the FHIR Registry Simplifier.net. This version contains a number of bugfixes and minor improvements plus two major features in Beta: the Implementation Guide Editor & Viewer and GitHub Integration. Let’s focus on the first. Implementation Guides (IGs) are an important communication channel for interoperability projects. It’s where people (developers, architects, product owners etc.) go to learn how FHIR is implemented in a certain use-case. IG support contains a big chunk of functionality, which is why we chose to release this feature in BETA and ask users for input (see previous blog post). Some nice features of IG support are drag&drop, auto-generated titles, improved help, sort, and a preview button, which brings you directly to the IG Viewer.

IG support is a feature of the paid plans of Simplifier.net (although free for Beta testers!). Lately, we got a lot of questions from the community about the plans and our pricing policy. We decided to put the first version of the feature page and the pricing page on-line. Not all features have been implemented yet. For instance, we are working hard on validation and collaboration. We hope to release these features by the end of this year, early next year. Simplifier.net will be the one-stop-shop for FHIR projects.

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