Custom workflow in

Recently we added the custom workflow feature to The FHIR specification allows for basic workflow statuses:

  • Draft: This resource is still under development.
  • Active: This resource is ready for normal use.
  • Retired: This resource has been withdrawn or superseded and should no longer be used.

These basic categories not always fit the nuances of how people collaborate on FHIR profiles. Imagine an initial draft version of a profile, a revised version, a rejected version, a published draft version etc. etc.

This kind of refinement is precisely what HL7 Affiliates a.o. need when they work on profiles with standards professionals within their realm. For this reason we created custom statuses, that can be designed and configured by users according to their own worklow. There is an unlimited number of statuses, each with its own name, description and color.

Custom workflows are created at the organizational level by the administrator of the organization account on Each project can have its own set of statuses and can be shared between projects. Workflow management in the account portal of a user looks something like this:


The below screen shot shows how we implemented the custom workflow statuses to represent the maturity level of the FHIR core resources.


Custom workflows are available in the Enterprise Plan and in the HL7 Affiliate Plan. More on the HL7 Affiliate Plan in a future blog.