Doing #FHIR at DevDays university

The most interesting track of FHIR Developer Days 2016 is the Students Track. This is a one day track, running on Thursday 17 November, in which some 40 students from 15 universities (from Germany, France, Austria, Chile, Netherlands, Switzerland, US) get their teeth into an exercise described in a FHIR Implementation Guide.

The track starts off with a presentation about interoperability by one of the FHIR core team members. After the lecture the students engage with other students and compare solutions in a hackathon session. Yes, hackathon: DevDays is all about developers in action.

A jury of FHIR experts evaluate the solutions the students come up with at the end of the day. The winners will present their solution in front of an audience of 250 participants of DevDays.

After that, the students will join us on a social event in down-town Amsterdam. That’ll be the real test…