New name, same game

Firely. 100% FHIR dedicated.

We changed our name: the FHIR team of Furore is now Firely. Why? Couple of reasons. First, Furore was acquired by Conclusion last year. The FHIR team was not part of the acquisition and to avoid confusion we agreed that the FHIR team should change its name. Although we like the name Furore, we’re not too sad. Furore is really hard to pronounce for our English-speaking friends. Firely, on the other hand, is very easy: just say ‘fire’ and ‘ly’.

Finding a suitable name for our company has not been an easy job. For every imaginable – and unimaginable – word the URL is already taken, sometimes by regular companies, mostly by domain name “traffikers”. We created a list of possible names on our internal wiki and asked the team to add and like names. I added a screenshot of part of the list.

The winner, as you now know, is Firely. We like the name: it’s close to what we do, it has a friendly sound to it, and the URL is what you’d expect of a startup, right? We hope you like the name too!

Our communications consultant pointed out that a guy called Simon Sinek has this golden circle of the Why, the How and the What of organizations, and that we could use this when announcing our new brand. Ah, that’s easy, we figured. Why? FHIR… How? FHIR… What? FHIR…

That’s not the way the golden circle works, she patiently explained to us. Why? To improve healthcare. How? By enabling interoperability and communication between people and machines. What? Only then FHIR comes in.

We don’t buy that. We don’t help patients. Doctors help patients. We don’t even help doctors. We are just the tech loving geeks who help other geeks helping doctors and patients share data. We just care about making a success of FHIR. The rest is up to other people. We are Firely.


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