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We strive for continuous improvement of our products, so we worked hard on new features and improvements of We are excited to share what’s new in releases 17.6 and 17.7. Keep on reading to learn more! 

Opt-in for the FHIR registry
In the project settings for your project you can now opt-in for the official FHIR registry. We encourage you to do so, to simplify and increase re-use of profiles and extensions. The FHIR registry is the official place to search for STU3 FHIR resources. It includes all STU3 FHIR resources published in Simplifier projects that have an opt-in (excluding test and private projects).

Practice makes perfect
Have you already visited our Profiling Academy? As we don’t want to hold it from anyone, we made it freely available to the public. You don’t even need a Simplifier account. Read our blog post to learn more about this online profiling school! We love to help out people who share our passion for FHIR, so we introduced a learn page on Simplifier. On this page you find links to the Profiling Academy, our documentation site and training information. We will appreciate any feedback on the Profiling Academy! Please share your experiences, thoughts or potential improvements with us.

Overview of references
Because of the modular nature of FHIR, you will mostly end up with references between your resources. When profiling, we often add references to other profiles within the same use case.  One of my personal wishes (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this) was to have an overview of these references. That’s why I’m really happy with the new ‘References’ tab that shows all internal (within your project) and external (outside your project) references to your resource (inbound) or from your resource to other resources (outbound). This is a first release of this feature, so you can expect improvements soon.

Implementation Guides
The paid plans of Simplifier include a web-based Implementation Guide (IG) editor. This IG editor allows you to create an IG of your Simplifier resources in minutes. We continuously keep improving this feature. Two major improvements in these releases are IG history and export.

Simplifier allows you to compare different versions of resources by selecting two versions in the History tab. This is now available for text files of IGs as well. Another big improvement is that it is now also possible to do so from within the IG-editor. On a selected IG page, choose ‘Previous’ to compare the selected page to its previous version or choose ‘History’ to see all previous versions and select one of them.

We noticed that exporting IGs is a much desired feature. It has already been possible to download all separate text and image files (together with the rest of your resources), but now you can also export your entire IG to static HTML pages. You can use this export to host your IG on a different location if you wish.

Other improvements
We improved lay-out and readability of the validation results. Another change is that we made improvements on the metadata expressions, which we introduced to the paid accounts in an earlier release to customize the generation of the display of your resource’s title and description.  Our Enterprise account plans are able to create their own workflow. We added a ‘Workflow’ expression field that allows you to automatically set the custom workflow from any resource field when uploading a resource.

Future developments
Because Simplifier is growing, more and more content is generated. Therefore, distinguishing between useful content and test content becomes increasingly important. We are working on features that provide you with ranks and statistics on resources and projects in Simplifier. This should make it easier and quicker for you to find useful content.

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