The Five Ws of FHIR DevDays Boston 2018

We have bad news for our US FHIR friends who – in growing numbers over the last years – made the trip to awesome Amsterdam with FHIR DevDays as an excuse. We have now launched the US version of FHIR DevDays – make sure to block the 19th to the 21st of June, 2018 in your calendar. Well, the news isn’t entirely bad – the European edition in Amsterdam is still here and will be held this November.

Why would you want to visit DevDays? Three reasons: first, to learn about FHIR. Second, to network with the fantastic FHIR community. And third, to be inspired by the amazing projects the community is doing. We have sessions both for newbies to dip their feet in FHIR and for veterans to expand their scope. Never mind that it’s also fun, you’ll meet a lot of people, and you’ll get a nice break from the daily grind.

Who should visit FHIR DevDays? Developers, of course. But it’s not just developers who are welcome. The schedule offers lots of sessions for designers, data modellers and product managers as well, both tutorials and hands-on sessions. We even provide sessions for policy makers and execs, who, admittedly, would want to be technically inclined. For all participants health data is at the heart of their job.

What will you learn? The US edition is based on the same successful principles we’ve learnt running the European version. Think of Clinical Decision Support and CDS-Hooks, FHIR and the main programming languages (Java, .NET, JavaScript), DICOM and imaging, IHE, building apps for EHRs, medical device integration, and more.

On top of that, we added a number of US specific themes: Argonaut, Public Health, Value Based Healthcare, Bulk Data Access, and HSPC. We have a few surprise tracks we are still working on as well. Follow us on Twitter to hear the latest news.

Who will be your teachers? 40+ experts from across the world and various domains. The initial standard founders and FHIR Core Team will be there. Companies deeply involved in FHIR, like Epic, Cerner, Agfa, and Google will send their experts to present.

We’ll also have a place reserved for hands-on sessions. Sitting down at themed tables of 10 you get the opportunity to connect to other participants’ apps, to follow the available exercises, or to build your own app. All with the help of the experts who’ll be mobile around the room.

What does it cost? Depending on the date of registration (before or after May 18) and whether you are an HL7 member, a fee in the range of $1,695 to $2,295. That’s a lot of money if you ask your marketing department for funding. But it’s not if you ask HR for funding as part of your training budget. FHIR DevDays is an amazing three-day learning experience that’ll connect you with the best in the FHIR community!



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