FHIR DevDays 2018 in Boston: it’s the data, stupid

FHIR is all about data. That is so obvious that we tend to forget. FHIR is riding the wave of data now being the world’s most valuable resource. In terms of the oil industry: FHIR is the common technology to extract the data from the soil. It is the drilling well, the refinement process, and the transport pipelines, all the way up to the gas station.

That is why data is a key element of FHIR DevDays 2018 in Boston, 19 to 21 June, the largest FHIR learning experience in the world.

These tracks and sessions will open up data sources for developers to build their apps on:

  • EHR and Argonaut: the standardized way for extracting hospital data from EHRs.
  • The Lighthouse Lab: the vast data stores of the US Department of Veterans Affairs, exposed through FHIR APIs.
  • Blue Button 2.0: the API that contains four years of Medicare data for 53 million Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Synthea: the famous Mitre library for generating realistic synthetic data based on demographic parameters.
  • All of Us / Sync For Science: the collaboration between researchers, vendors and the US government, to help patients share EHR data with research.

Check the schedule for these sessions and the experts providing the tutorials. The early bird deadline for registration expires on May 18.

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