FHIR DevDays Amsterdam: Call for Presentations

Our team has barely overcome their jetlag from HL7 FHIR DevDays Boston, but we’re back at it already, preparing for FHIR DevDays Amsterdam.

The community is taking FHIR into every nook and cranny of healthcare. When FHIR started out, the focus was on interoperability; these days, the focus is more on data, analytics and AI. The FHIR DevDays schedule is changing with the speed of FHIR itself. Don’t expect DevDays 2018 to be the same as DevDays 2017!

  • We have new tracks, like FHIR in the cloud and Machine Learning. New tutorials will cover topics like bulk data, JavaScript, deploying apps in app stores, FHIR search and synthetic data for testing.
  • We have new speakers from Epic, Cerner, Google, Sectra, Microsoft and Amazon.
  • Our venue has a number of boiler rooms available, reserved for Geeks Only Sessions.
  • Another cool new thing is the Startup Track: app developers competing for the best FHIR enabled medical of wellness app.

In addition to all the new features, the core sessions from previous editions are still on the schedule, updated to the latest FHIR version. We built the program with both new attendees and ‘frequent FHIR’ visitors in mind. FHIR DevDays is and will remain the largest and foremost learning event around FHIR. Registration for DevDays Amsterdam is now open.


When we started DevDays we knew where and how FHIR was being applied. That’s no longer the case. We’re amazed by the projects that are going on. That is why we decided to reserve a limited number of 40 minute slots in the schedule for tutorials initiated by the FHIR community. If you have a topic that has learning value for the attendees, send me an email (rien at fire dot ly). No product pitches, no project presentations, that’s for the Community Track. Only tutorial-like presentations will qualify. If you have hands-on material to bring along, like a sandbox, exercises, documentation, that’s certainly a plus. Please send me the title, summary and target audience of your tutorial before September 1st. As a speaker you get free access to the event.

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