Firely to set up shop in the US

Here at DevDays US 2019, where I am writing this blog, we just announced a huge milestone for our company: the launch of our US office in Boston. In the city that lives and breaths medical informatics, we set up shop to better serve our US and Canadian customers. We also announced our partnership with Vermonster, a Boston based health app developer, who will help us give our US office a headstart.

The idea of a US office and the joint venture with Vermonster came about in Washington DC last year, at the HL7 FHIR App Roundtable, where we had drinks with Brian Kaney, one of the owners of Vermonster, after the event. We already knew Vermonster from a project we had done with them for a US customer. At some point that night at the bar, Brian, admittedly after a two rye whiskeys, spoke the momentous words: Let’s announce that we’re in business in the US at DevDays 2019.

Exciting stuff for sure, but we the Dutch are a cautious people. So we did another succesful project together for a NY based startup. I then spent a few months in Boston and worked with the Vermonster team to get to know them better, mainly to see if there was a fit on the personal level. And last month, our lead developers and I visited Boston after the Montreal FHIR connectathon and we had lengthy sessions on product strategy, technology and company values. Only then, and after a night out in Boston with both teams, we were certain. Let’s do this and make the announcement at DevDays.

The most important thing we have in common is, of course, FHIR. We’re both developers and FHIR is developer friendly by design. But we take different angles. Firely’s focus is on the FHIR infrastructure: tools that help implementers use FHIR in their software. For Vermonster what we do is “the FHIR plumbing” – the server, the Facade, the Clinical Data Repository, the back-end integration, the app launch mechanism, the FHIR profiling, packages, Implementation Guides. It’s a necessity, a prerequisite for the actual apps for doctors and patients, that Vermonster loves to build.

With Vermonster, Firely has a better understanding of what the plumbing should look like. With Firely, Vermonster will no longer have to do the plumbing. Together, we help customers take FHIR into production and build health apps faster. Our address in Boston:

Firely US
75 Broad St, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02109
(857) 263-3112‬

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