Marten Smits (2)My name is Marten Smits, Software Engineer at Firely . I graduated  July 2014 at the University of Amsterdam, where I studied Medical Informatics. Since August 2014, I have been part of Firely , where I have the privilege to work with FHIR full time.

I live in Haarlem (15 km to the west of Amsterdam) and have lived there all my life. I enjoy living there much because Haarlem has the beauty of Amsterdam, but it is a lot more quiet and peaceful. So no reason to move to the “big city”, despite that my colleagues mock me all the time.

I have various interests from watching Football (the real European version) and drinking a beer with my friends, to quietly reading a book in my garden. I’m interested in the newest gadgets and technologies (which is a fancy way of saying that I’m a nerd), but I also like a house or techno party from time to time.